Pelle e cuoio, sandali italiani | Paolo Ferrara, sandali capresi e gioiello

since 1966

Capri sandals

From the origins to today

Our history


Creation and patent of the stiletto heel, made of wood and aluminium.

sandals, for four generations

the origins of the Paolo Ferrara brand

From the creation of the stiletto heel - wood and aluminum with its 1954 patent, the maximum expression of femininity - to the Capri sandal, refined, elegant and practical at the same time: for four generations, the Ferrara family has been able to make an impact on the world of fashion and footwear.

Tradition and innovation, craftsmanship and international vision: the company that today bears the name of Paolo Ferrara today offers all over the world - participating in numerous national and international fairs - capresi sandalse jewelled sandalsfor women.

The attention to detail and the choice of the highest quality materials, primarily Tuscan leather , make it a leading company in the fashion sector today.

The Capri sandal, precisely because of its simplicity and elegance, has soberly accompanied the fashion of latest years , endearing themselves to glamorous women from all over the world who love to dress with taste and refinement.

An accessory that every woman loves to have in her wardrobe.